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Lagadu Crackers

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MSC Biotechnology programme Biotechnological engineering and management in agro-industries

Diplôme d'établissement Étudiant-Entrepreneur (D2E)

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Thiéfine brewery



Sector Biotechnologies, Agri-food, Health

Lagadu Crackers

Environmentally friendly crackers

Production of crackers from spent beer in a circular economy approach

As part of a tutorial project, students created a recipe for aperitif crackers using spent beer grains. The spent grains are the cereals resulting from the brewing of beer and which are generally not valorized. Gwenaëlle Guirriec, a student in our Student Entrepreneur Diploma and in the Master's programme in Biotechnological Engineering and Agro-Industry Management, created her company in order to market these crackers and create new recipes for a sustainable and tasty diet! This innovation is part of a partnership approach: Pépite France, the Thiefine brewery, the ENILIA-ENSMIC food school, CyclaB (a public organisation for the circular economy) and La Rochelle Université through CampusInnov and the Biotechnology, agri-food and health sector.