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Innovative Blood Pressure Measurement

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Innovative Blood Pressure Measurement

Non-invasive blood pressure measurement

Method and device for mechanical non-invasive carotid artery blood pressure measurement awarded by the European patent No 3206571 in 2020.

Main characteristics of the invention:

  • A medical device for use in cardiology, neurology, blood circulation research

  • Diagnosing patients‘ hemodynamic condition, it is important to measure the pulse wave of blood pressure inside of carotid aorta

  • Due to the physical closeness of aorta, the pulse waveform of blood pressure in carotid artery is very similar to the wave formed in the aortic arch

  • This value so far could only be measured invasively. The device is composed of mechanical part (neck belt, stepper motor, sensor) and software for the information processing.

Main benefits for end users:

  • The carotid artery more closely resembles that of the aorta in the heart, and therefore gives more accurate indications of cardiovascular disease as compared to the “cuff method”, where blood pressure is measured at the arm.

  • The physical parameters measured give information about the radius of the artery, which was previously only possible to measure using invasive methods. Artery narrowing is a critical indication of risk for heart attack and stroke.

  • The increased precision and accuracy in blood pressure and arterial size measurement provided by this technology will enable appropriate assessment of disease risk and monitoring.