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Shrimp Tower

Multi-layer shrimp tank

Shrimp Tower technology is a patent-pending cylinder shaped six layer shrimp tank

The Shrimp Tower is a component of the recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) for shrimp cultivation.

This innovation is aimed at providing circumstances that make shrimp RAS cultivation a much more efficient and cheaper process. The Tower has the form of a cylinder and is completely closed at the top, unlike the standard shrimp tanks which only have one layer and are open-top.

The Shrimp Tower has a unique feeding system with its software, which can mix shrimp feed with water and inject directly into the different layers without causing any air bubbles, therefore minimizing stress for the shrimp.

The main advantage of the Shrimp Tower is cost-effectiveness, as this technology helps to save land space and produce the same amount of shrimp in a smaller area, while also having the potential to be insulated and placed outside without the need of a building covering.