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Particle Size Analysis of Flours

Particle Size Analysis of Flours and its Impact on 3-D Printing of Doughs

Study the effect of milling on flours from cereals and plant tissues, aiming to investigate the structure and final composition of doughs ready for baking.

The use of three-dimensional printing for producing three-dimensional printed structures can be successfully applied, both as an indicator for evaluating the dough and as a method for preparing final products.

Systems that exhibit ease of three-dimensional printing (printability) appear to have good cohesion and homogeneity, providing high-quality structures with the capability of yielding improved bakery products from cereals and other plant tissues. Specifically, the technique of printing can lead to new structures of desired shapes. For instance, through extrusion printing, standardized food structures (cohesiveness/shapes) can be created, which can be baked using conventional techniques.