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Diagnostic platform for rapid detection of respiratory viruses

Technology of Bioelectronic Biosensors based on Molecular Recognition via Membrane Engineering

At the core of the company's current research direction lies the technology of Bioelectronic Biosensors based on Molecular Recognition via Membrane Engineering, which enables the conduct of highly sensitive diagnostic tests within just 3 minutes and at a very low cost. Our team has developed a Bioelectronic Biosensor capable of simultaneously detecting a wide range of respiratory viruses and their corresponding antibodies, operating as a multiplex extremely fast diagnostic kit at the Point of Care. This pioneering technology enables healthcare professionals to rapidly receive precise and comprehensive diagnostic information, leading to improved outcomes for patients. Pathogen targets can be modified based on market requirements in a short period of time, thanks to the remarkable flexibility of the diagnostic platform. In addition to consultancy services and research activities, we aim to provide comprehensive services to ensure the quality and reliability of various biotechnological products.