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Advanced Research Center for Ambiental Quality (CAMBI)

Sector Sustainable buildings, Energy, Eco-industry


Building integrated solar crop dryer

All year-round functionality of the adaptive solar energy system, for passive air heating and food drying.

The adaptive solar system will lead to two main objectives: Providing the pre-heated building and greenhouse fresh air during the cold period and providing heated air for drying process of the crop resulted from local urban farming during the warm period.

The system will involve envelope elements which can be placed at the exterior of any building, especially large, ready to renovate buildings, which will be connected to the fresh air ventilation system and the integrated drying system.

This novel building integrated solar dryer can be hosted by urban farms located on multi-residential building rooftops owned by the residents of the condominium or by urban farms located on industrial building such as supermarkets.

For each application the solar dryer is used for heating building spaces during cold period and for urban farm drying needs during warmer period.