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Advanced Research Center for Ambiental Quality (CAMBI)

Sector Sustainable buildings, Energy, Eco-industry


Adaptive solar collector

Development of a demonstrative experimental model to prove the concept of climate adaptive building shell

Proposing an improved system of an active building ventilated facade, where a nano-enhanced Phase Change Materials core will stay in fixed position in the façade and an advanced insulation system– with aerogel-based module – will change position as a function of season and day/night period, allowing to a true optimal behaviour of the dynamic element of solar façade.

The development and validation of a new innovative system: transpired solar collector (TSC) with integrated nano-enhanced phase changing materials and dynamic insulation.

This solution will improve the thermal conductivity of the storage material, thus achieving our goal to obtain a solar collector with low variations of outlet temperature and a large range of operating hours during the periods when solar energy is not available.