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HUMM - Organic Beard oil

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Biological Engineering Department - IUT

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Monsieur Albert / Laurent Mathéo

Sector Biotechnologies, Agri-food, Health

HUMM - Organic Beard oil

Made from natural and organic products

Formulation of an organic beard oil composed of mainly local ingredients and design of the regulatory files for the marketing of the finished product

Mr Albert, a barber shop exclusively dedicated to men, wanted to develop a range of cosmetics for bearded men in a spirit of sustainable development. Students from the IUT's Biological Engineering department and their teacher Laurence Murillo, also a researcher at the LIENSs laboratory, created a beard oil formulation based on organic, natural and mainly local products. The students of the Professional Degree in Analysis and Traceability at the Laboratory prepared the regulatory files for the project. This innovation is now marketed under the name "Fresh Effect Peppermint Beard Oil". The first product of the HUMM brand, this 100% organic oil is composed of vegetable oils and naturally scented thanks to the essential oils present.